Box Factory for the Arts Announces 2017 Fall Classes

The Box Factory for the Arts is announcing the 2017 Fall Class Schedule. Courses include a variety of topics from photography to theatre  to the culinary arts. Check out the class list below or see our website!

Fall Class Schedule

Soup & Bread Culinary Class

DATES: Wednesday, October 11

TIMES: 6:00pm – 8:00pm

INSTRUCTOR(S): Susan Salas Graham

DESCRIPTION: Back by popular demand, Susan Salas Graham’s Soup & Bread Culinary class is one that everyone is sure to enjoy! This hand’s-on class provides participants with various soup recipes and encourages students to participate in all demonstrations and food preparation. Learn how to cook soups using beans, grains and legumes, as well as how to make Naan, a delicious flatbread, all from scratch. Students will savor enjoying the soup and bread together at the end of the class and leave with the skills and knowledge needed to step up your own soup-and-bread-making game.

REQUIRED: All items are supplied for this class.

CLASS SIZE: Minimum 7 students/Maximum 10 students; Ages 17+

CLASS FEE: $35 / student

Mosaic Fall Fantasy

DATES: Saturday, October 14

TIMES: 10:00am to 1:00pm

INSTRUCTOR(S): Jerey Heaton

DESCRIPTION: This class is an introduction for the beginning student to the possibilities of mosaic designs working with stained glass, ceramic pieces and found materials. No prior experience is necessary. Participants will design, select and learn to apply mosaic materials to create their own personal artistic piece. Students will finish the class with a piece that reflects their own design, color scheme and creative ideas. Learn how to turn everyday objects into beautiful, unique, hand-crafted pieces that will make a lasting keepsake or treasured gift.

REQUIRED: All materials are provided, but students are welcome to bring in their own ceramic pieces, glass, found materials and/or the base or object to support the mosaic– wood, pressed foam insulation or a 3-D object (frame, mirror, birdhouse). Wooden letters, small bird houses and other items can be purchased at any local craft store (Jo-Ann Fabrics or Michaels).

CLASS SIZE: Minimum 5 students/Maximum 10 students; Ages 17+

CLASS FEE: $50 / student

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 101: From Import to Development

DATES: 2 day class – Monday, October 23 & Wednesday, October 25

TIMES: 6:30pm – 8:30pm

INSTRUCTOR(S): Marc & Sharon Ullom

DESCRIPTION: Find your potential by turning run-of-the-mill photos into beautiful images to export and share! Using Lightroom, the instructors of this class will teach students how to efectively use one of the most popular image editing tools available today. Participants will learn how to import, manage, sort and edit photos, build a photo catalog, as well as perform simple retouching, color correction and framing of photos. All students will go home with tutorials and class content on supplied flash drives.

REQUIRED: Participants will need to have a laptop and access to Adobe Creative Cloud for Lightroom, free 7-day trial is available (participants can wait until right before the class to download and try it out). Regular pricing for Adobe Lightroom & Photoshop is $9.99/month.

CLASS SIZE: Minimum 7 students/Maximum 10 students; Ages 17+

CLASS FEE: $60 / student

Watercolors: Autumn Harvest Still Life

DATES: Saturday, October 28

TIMES: 10:00am – 4:00pm

INSTRUCTOR(S): Robin Maxon

DESCRIPTION: All artistic levels are welcome to spend the day painting an Autumn Harvest Still Life featuring a grouping of pumpkins and gourds with leaves. This intimate class setting equips students with the step-by-step guidance needed to learn valuable watercolor painting skills and techniques, as well as provides wonderful instruction and feedback from a well-known, talented artist. Don’t miss this amazing opportunity to create!

REQUIRED: Students must supply materials such as a plastic paint palette, watercolor paints, watercolor brushes and a small water container. A detailed list of required materials is available by request and/or will be supplied when students register for this class. A reference photo and sketch for tracing will also be provided upon registration. Tracing can be completed prior to the first day of class.

CLASS SIZE: Minimum 7 students / Maximum 15 students; Ages 17+

CLASS FEE: $60 / student

Instant Pot Cooking & Demo Tasting

DATES: Wednesday, November 1

TIMES: 6:00pm – 8:00pm

INSTRUCTOR(S): Susan Salas Graham

DESCRIPTION: Would you like to learn how to cook delicious, nutritious meals for your family up to 10 times faster and using 70% less energy than traditional cooking methods? Then this class is for you! Instant Pot is the 3rd generation Programmable Pressure Cooker, however this is definitely NOT your mother’s pressure cooker! Students will learn the “in’s and out’s” of Instant Pot cooking as Susan and friends demonstrate various dishes to sample and guide students on how this method can make cooking easier and more predictable than other cooker methods. In addition to oodles of useful knowledge and a full stomach, students will also go home with a recipe book stocked with everything they need to know to make several wonderful Instant Pot meals. Ask questions, learn expert tips and get valuable recipes, all while sampling the many delicious dishes that are prepared.

REQUIRED: All items supplied for this class.

CLASS SIZE: Minimum 8 students/Maximum 20 students; Ages 12+

CLASS FEE: $30 / student

From the Computer to the Coffee Table: Making a Photography Book

DATES: 2 day class – Monday, November 6 & Monday, November 13

TIMES: 6:30pm – 8:30pm

INSTRUCTOR(S): Marc & Sharon Ullom

DESCRIPTION: Learn the tips, tricks and innovative methods used to create a beautiful book to showcase your favorite photos. Students will select size, style and theme of their photography book, as well as learn about cropping, composition, color, adding text and working on the overall look of their individual albums. Whether it be for personal keepsake, or a thoughtful gift, students will be proud of the end result!

REQUIRED: Participants will need to have a laptop and access to Adobe Creative Cloud for Lightroom, free 7-day trial for the first week (participants can wait until right before the class to download and try it out). Regular pricing for Adobe Lightroom & Photoshop is $9.99/month.

CLASS SIZE: Minimum 6 students/Maximum 10 students; Ages 17+

CLASS FEE: $50 / student

Scene Study Theatre Workshop

DATES: Four (4) Tuesday Workshops – November 14 / November 28 / December 5 / December 12

SHOWCASE: Friday, December 15

TIMES: 6:00pm – 8:00pm


DESCRIPTION: A four-class scene study workshop led by Chicago-based actor Dan Maxon. The classes will focus on small scene work, each participant being assigned a partner as they work toward presenting their scenes. There will be a student “showcase” at end of the workshop series that will take place on the Box Factory Street Level Main Stage. Students will be encouraged to invite their family and friends. This class is for you if you are: *Looking for a rewarding performance opportunity, but can’t commit to a full rehearsal schedule. *Wanting to take an acting class with a seasoned actor and director, but your school or college doesn’t have one. *Curious about modern acting methods used at the professional level.

REQUIRED: All materials provided for this class.

CLASS SIZE: Minimum 6 students/Maximum 10 students; Ages 17+

CLASS FEE: $40 / student

Holiday Party Appetizer & Hummus Culinary Class

DATES: Wednesday, November 15

TIMES: 6:00PM – 8:00PM

INSTRUCTOR(S): Susan Salas Graham

DESCRIPTION: If you missed our last hummus class, then here’s your chance to learn about hummus and so much more! In addition to making hummus, students will be creating attractive and delicious appetizers to serve to family and friends this holiday season and beyond. Learn tips on everything from creating beautiful cheese-boards (using assorted exotic cheeses, fruit jams and nuts) and charcuterie boards (preserved meats like sausage) to making home-made pickles and crackers, cheese straws and spiced nuts. This will be a hands-on, station style class, with nibbling and mingling included!

REQUIRED: All items for this class are supplied.

CLASS SIZE: Minimum 7 students/Maximum 10 students; Ages 17+

CLASS FEE: $35 / student

iPhoneography: Making the Most of Your SmartPhone Camera

DATES: 2 day class – Monday, November 27 & Wednesday, November 29

TIMES: 6:30PM – 8:30pm

INSTRUCTOR(S): Marc & Sharon Ullom

DESCRIPTION: Learn to take professional-looking pictures with your smartphone, as well as how to utilize some of the best development apps for processing and sharing your images. Whether capturing portraits or action shots, this class will focus on teaching students how to use their phone to capture the very best photos possible, with an emphasis on composition, clarity, detail, tips and shortcuts. Participants will learn balance, contrast, framing and depth, as well as useful steps to capture both the beautiful and the unusual. Each student will receive a copy of one of their final prints.

REQUIRED: Participants need to have a SmartPhone (preferably no older than 3 years). Instruction will be based on the use of iPhone cameras as the main teaching focus, but instructors will discuss options for both iPhone & Android phones.

CLASS SIZE: Minimum 7 students / Maximum 12 students; Ages 17+

CLASS FEE: $50 / student


Marc & Sharon Ullom

Marc and Sharon Ullom developed a love of photography at very different points in their lives. Marc’s obsession began at age three, when he snapped his first image with his mom’s 110 Kodak Instamatic camera. Sharon’s love came later in life when, as a college sophomore, her parents gave her a camera… that she had no idea how to use. But, for both of them, looking through that lens changed how they saw others, how they saw the world, and how they saw themselves. Combining their love of photography with a near-obsession for travel, Marc and Sharon now take others on a journey of photographic achievement and self-discovery with one-of-a-kind expeditions from Ullom Photo. These expeditions provide clients a unique opportunity for personal and creative growth. Between them, Marc and Sharon have nearly 40 years of teaching experience, covering the subjects of photography, digital imaging, and video editing. They have developed curriculum for both Andrews University and the Academy of Art University, and Sharon developed an online “virtual expedition” experience for K-12 students. After earning his MFA in photography, graduating summa cum laude as valedictorian, Marc mentored MFA thesis students, and both he and Sharon have taken photography students all over the world on photography expeditions. Professionally, Marc has enjoyed participating and winning awards in photography exhibitions across the country, while Sharon has savored her four trips to Jordan as a photographer on archaeological digs.

The Ulloms combine their different teaching strengths to give students and clients an unparalleled experience in photography instruction. Sharon excels at problem-solving—exploring “what ifs,” options, and alternative ways of viewing concepts and technical challenges. Her ability to listen intently helps her to see problems through her client’s perspective and suggest creative and innovative solutions. Marc’s great strength is in uncovering and analyzing the hidden strengths and weaknesses of his clients, enabling them to identify their goals and push through technical and conceptual obstacles. He is dedicated to helping others use the camera to both enhance their photographic abilities as well as deepen their awareness of how they fit into the world.

As much as they love photography, though, Marc and Sharon believe that the key to making

truly great pictures is the ability to experience and enjoy life without the lens. In those moments, Sharon often watches DIY shows while dreaming of one day “flipping” a house. The Ullom oven is often busy, with Marc crafting artisan pizzas and breads and Sharon baking her killer pies. When not eating delicious food, they work on the calories by running marathons and riding mountain bikes with their two kids.

Robin Maxon

Robin is a graphic designer by trade and an artist at heart. She wanted to be an artist for as long as she could remember. Her family fostered her interest in art at a very young age keeping her well supplied with crayons, markers and paint. Bedroom and basement walls were among her early “canvases”. Eventually she studied art at Central Michigan University, then received her Commercial Art & Design degree in 1981.

She paints a broad spectrum of subjects – whatever excites her at the moment becomes her

next challenge. With Robin’s camera always handy, she attempts to capture the play of light and the nuances of color in something common, natural, or unexpected. Robin enjoys the process of creating a composition, sometimes using several images for one painting. Her graphic design background has influenced her painting style to have an illustrative component with more emphasis on realism, although she incorporates abstract elements to keep it fun.

Ultimately, Robin hopes the viewer will share her appreciation for the beauty of these simple

moments. Robin and her husband Rick have lived in southwest Michigan for nearly 39 years and have 3 sons: Tyler, Evan and Dan. Each is pursuing their own interests in the arts, including music, fine art and theatre.

Dan Maxon

Dan has been a part of Southwestern Michigan’s theatre scene for a number of years, most recently appearing in Chicago (Southwest Michigan College), Next to Normal (Twin City Players) and The Last Five Years (Beckwith Theatre Company). He trained with The Conservatory at Act One Studios in Chicago, where he has performed with such companies as Lifeline, Strawdog, and Chicago Dramatists. The past few years have seen him teaching and directing local productions, sharing the approach and techniques he’s learned through working with Jonathan Berry (Artistic Producer, Steppenwolf Theatre Company), Ted Hoerl (Actor-Director), Mia Park (Actor, yoga instructor) and many other Chicago theatre Professionals.

Susan Graham

I’m particularly passionate about cooking, culture, and history. While pursuing an associate degree in hospitality management I was able to demonstrate my cooking talents while I was studying at Lake Michigan College and in charge of creating a menu for an annual scholarship dinner. I was offered an entry level position at Point of the Woods Country Club by a chef instructor and completed a paid internship. Culinary arts led me to the Box Factory and I got involved cooking for the Arts Bash in August of 2016. As a result of my creativity as a volunteer, The Box Factory asked if I would be interested in teaching cooking classes and I am so proud to represent the Culinary Arts and pursue my passion for cooking and teaching home cooks how to step up their game in their own kitchens. After I graduated from the hospitality program in 2011 I reconnected with a friend that got me performing in community theatre and I love it as much as I do teaching.

Jeffrey Heaton

Jeff Heaton is a retired art educator who taught for 31 years in Northwest Ohio. Moving to Lawrence, Michigan in 2009 with his wife Theresa, they currently operate their home-based Cheeky Chic-y Studio, creating fiber and paper upcycled art. During his public teaching career media including drawing, painting, design, ceramics, weaving, and photography. Jeff currently enjoys teaching area classes and workshops, and together with Theresa they have displayed and sold artwork in local galleries, art fairs and exhibits.