JW Marriott Grand Rapids Celebrates 10 Years, Hosts ArtPrize Experience

Since the JW Marriott Grand Rapids opened 10 years ago, downtown Grand Rapids has dramatically changed the city for the better with the hotel serving as a leader in culinary, wellness, business travel, and tourism for the city. In partnership with high-end furniture retailer Steelcase, the JW Marriott Grand Rapids brought smart luxury downtown by offering a lively and buzzy lobby for working remote, craft cocktails at Mixology Lounge, culinary innovations at globally-inspired restaurant, a full-service spa and local outdoor hotspot, the jdek, with panoramic views of the Grand River. The hotel has won numerous awards since opening its doors, including Opening of the Year in 2007, US News & World Report Best Hotels in Michigan, and the #1 JW Marriott in Overall Guest Satisfaction in 2008, 2011, and 2014.

The JW Marriott Grand Rapids is celebrating its 10-year anniversary during ArtPrize 9 with a spectacular installation of AJ Paschka’s “STARFALL” in partnership with XS® Energy. The piece is an immersive laser installation along the Grand River with interactive components located on the outdoor patio of the jdek at the award-winning JW Marriott. The laser light components respond to sounds, including the human voice, and are thematically tied together with an interstellar mythology. On Wednesdays through Saturdays during ArtPrize, the creative installation will be shown from 9pm to 11:30pm. On Thursdays during ArtPrize, the jdek at the JW Marriott Grand Rapids will host a celebratory event for the general public from 7pm to 10:30pm sponsored by XS® Energy, with craft cocktails and live entertainment.