“Steamboat Bill Jr.” Starring Buster Keaton at the Music House Museum

The Music House presents two showings of Buster Keaton starring in Steamboat Bill Jr. on September 23rd at 5:30 and 7:30 pm. Accompaniment will be provided by the amazing and talented Dale and Gail Zieger on the Wurlitzer and piano. This was Keaton’s final film with his productions company and is filled with all the hilarious physical comedy and characters that made him a Silent film icon.

Keaton plays William Canfield Jr. who goes to work on his father’s steamboat. His father, Bill Sr., is a disappointed when his son, who he has not seen since he was a baby, is not big and strapping like his father. He is further angered to find out that Bill Jr. has fallen in love with the daughter of his arch rival whose brand new steamboat is putting his old ships out of business. In true Keaton fashion, this film is filled with hilarious physical comedy and also a dramatic ending when the lives Bill Jr., his father, his love, Kitty, and her father are all threatened by a cyclone hits, destroying the town. Will they all survive?

The Ziegers bring a lifetime of musical experience and immense talent as they provide the musical accompaniment to this film classic.