Meijer Gardens Celebrates Autumn With Chrysanthemum Exhibition

Frederik Meijer Gardens & Sculpture Park is pleased to present the annual fall horticulture exhibition, Chrysanthemums and More! opening to the public on September 15. This exhibition, the largest of its kind in Michigan, features expansive displays of chrysanthemums, fall foliage and family-friendly activities. The exhibition will be on display through October 29.

This year’s focus will be on “Shape & Form”, highlighting the playful round forms, plentiful colors and patterns of the quintessential fall bloom. Guests will enjoy a variety of forms, including a ball, globe, daisy and button shapes, with “pompon” blooms as small as a dime to showy “spider” blooms measuring six inches or more in diameter. This exhibition is a feast for the eyes, displaying the versatility of the magnificent mum and much more.

“Shape & Form is the theme of this year’s Chrysanthemums and More! exhibition,” explained Steve LaWarre, Director of Horticulture. “This celebration of the chrysanthemum and fall plantings at Meijer Gardens showcases thousands of colorful chrysanthemums. With a focus on shape and form, we have an opportunity to highlight the variable chrysanthemum forms in interesting and unique ways, playfully repeating patterns and colors throughout the exhibition, which has become a beloved fall tradition for our visitors.”

Visitors will be greeted with vibrant displays of repeating shapes of chrysanthemums throughout the Grand Entry Garden and Cook Entry Arbor, and delighted by abundant floral arrangements of these bold blooms as they walk through the scenic corridor inside of the main building. Upon entering the Seasonal Display Greenhouse, a floor-to-ceiling chrysanthemum sphere display will unfold as the main focal point. Presentations of a five-sphere topiary, large disbuds and beds of colorful plantings will complement this feature in the nearby Earl and Donnalee Holton Victorian Garden Parlor. Outdoors, expansive beds of lush chrysanthemums will be arranged in large sweeps of color and will be balanced by ornamental cabbage, kale and asters.

Activities such as the Fall Bonsai Show, Giant Pumpkins and Hallowee-Ones are full of family fun throughout the exhibition. Mum Day on October 15 will give visitors a chance to take a walking tour led by horticulture staff, enjoy informational demonstrations and learn more about the chrysanthemum.

Taste of the Gardens Café will feature seasonal daily dinner specials on Tuesday evenings, with seasonal ingredients coming from Meijer Gardens’ own Michigan’s Farm Garden.