New Underwater Attraction in Traverse City

Want to see what’s below the water without getting in the water? Inland Seas Education Association (ISEA) is providing that opportunity through their Below the Bay public program at Discovery Pier in Traverse City this weekend. Individuals or groups can fly (i.e., drive) an underwater remotely operated vehicle (ROV) from the deck of the schooner Utopia to explore the underwater world.

Individuals who fly the professional ROV to investigate the marina structure and look for Great Lakes creatures also get a glimpse into the technology influencing research, monitoring, and exploration of the Great Lakes and the fields of science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM). “Students love the ROV Challenge program we offer to schools,” said Fred Sitkins, ISEA Executive Director. “This program gives the public a sample of what the students are experiencing.”

Below the Bay will be offered July 21 from 2-6 pm and July 22 and 23 from 11 am-4 pm. Fifteen-minute and 25-minute sessions are available. Pricing is based on session rather than per person. and tickets must be purchased online or by phone. The opportunity to fly an ROV will be offered once more this summer on August 25-27.

The 77′ schooner Utopia was donated to Inland Seas in September 2017. ISEA acquired a dockside attraction license to offer programming, such as Below the Bay, on the ship while at the dock.