Chocolates by Grimaldi Invites You to Discover the Secret of Perfect Pairings with New Creative Chocolate Class

Finding the perfect pairings can be difficult. Whether you’re looking for just the right flavor or the ideal texture to please your palate, or even the perfect color to match your palette, it’s been said that you should look to nature. Chocolates by Grimaldi’s would like to invite you to explore the harmony of some of these perfect combinations in their Creative Chocolate Class.

Chocolate alone is good but, like a fine wine, when it’s paired with just the right ingredients, it’s even better.  Starting with a blank chocolate canvas Chocolates by Grimaldi’s chocolatiers teach students how to make a unique chocolate bar creation by painting on flavor for their own eye-catching design. The 90-minute chocolate creation experience allows participants to learn about chocolate while socializing with friends and other chocolate enthusiasts.

“It makes for a delicious night out with your friends, the one that you love, or quality time with someone special,” said Molli Laham, Co-Owner of Chocolates by Grimaldi. “It also makes a great group outing,” added Steve Laham, Co-Owner of Chocolates by Grimaldi.

For $35.00 per person Chocolates by Grimaldi will provide you with all of the supplies and ingredients needed to paint, flavor, and decorate your own unique chocolate creation. They will furnish the molds, utensils, flavors, decorations, and most importantly, the CHOCOLATE!

Chocolates by Grimaldi can accommodate up to 21 participants per class.  Call 616-935-7740 to reserve your space today!

You may visit Chocolates by Grimaldi’s Web site at: or find them on Facebook under CHOCOLATES by GRIMALDI.