Long Road Distillers Announces New Awards From Two International Spirits Competitions

Internationally recognized Grand Rapids distillery, Long Road Distillers, announced four new honors this week from two different international spirits competitions.

At this year’s SIP Awards, the distillery won a Platinum Medal, the highest honors, and a Consumer’s Choice Award for Long Road Aquavit.

Nearly 700 spirits from around the world were entered into the 2017 SIP Awards, the world’s largest consumer tasting event, held in Newport Beach, California. A panel of 118 pre-qualified, consumer judges evaluated each spirit separately, in a double blind manner, based on preset tasting rules, using the SIP Awards’ patented delivery system to ensure a consistent, focused, and accurate survey of consumer impressions in each category. Platinum, Gold, Silver, and Bronze medals were awarded in 59 categories.

“Long Road Aquavit has been a hit with bartenders and industry professionals, but we understand it’s a spirit many folks aren’t familiar with and haven’t yet been introduced to” said Jon O’Connor, co-owner of Long Road Distillers. “The SIP Awards are a great way for us to gauge consumer tastes in a controlled environment and get that positive feedback that we need from the folks who enjoy it on a day to day basis.”

Long Road was awarded Gold Medals for both Long Road Aquavit and Long Road Vodka at the 2017 Seattle International Spirits Competition, the Pacific Northwest’s largest and most comprehensive spirits awards program.

“We’re proud of our team and our ‘no-shortcuts’ approach to crafting award-winning spirits in our neighborhood,” said Kyle VanStrien. “We’re happy to receive this continued recognition from in- and outside of the industry, and we’re eager to begin sharing our spirits with folks in new markets soon!”

Just this year, Long Road Aquavit has been named Best of Show and Best of Category at the American Craft Spirits Association Awards in Nashville, TN, and Best of Class and Best of Category at the American Distilling Institute’s Annual Judging of Craft Spirits in Baltimore, MD. It has won similar honors in San Francisco, New York, Los Angeles, Denver, and San Diego.