Expressively Handcrafted

Located at the base of Leelanau Peninsula, just minutes from downtown Traverse City, the historic estate offers more than wine. We also offer an experience worth having, and we spend every single day working to ensure that yours is incredible from the instant you arrive.

Shady Lane Cellars is a boutique estate winery and vineyard driven by a passion for what we do. Everything is handcrafted from the ground up. We balance our commitment to sustainable agriculture with a passion for delivering a high standard of quality that drives our craft. It is our goal to produce wines that exhibit a profile of elegance and structure complimented by intensity of aroma and flavor.

We work to cultivate an expression of time and place in each of our wines. Seeking to capture the true nature of our cool climate, our wines are expressively vibrant, refreshing and pair well with a range of fare. Winemaker Kasey Wierzba hand crafts our wine with a philosophy focused on expressing the fruits natural flavors and aromas balanced with a precision that is ushered through science and technique. At our maximum, we only produce about 5,000 cases of wine in a single year, making each of our wines special, unique and limited, the result of our hands being directly involved from the dirt to the table.

Your experience at Shady Lane Cellars is also driven by our passion and a commitment to have our hands involved every step of the way. We host a wide array of great local events like live music, wine pairing dinners, and private events. Whether you’re just visiting for the weekend, or you’re local, we’ve got something for everyone. We are now offering a series of Enhanced Tasting Experiences to take you further into the viticulture and winemaking practices at Shady Lane Cellars while elevating your overall experience with us.