The Puzzle Room: Quest for Conviction New Experience at the Grand Rapids Public Museum

The Grand Rapids Public Museum (GRPM) just announced a brand new experience opening this summer, the Puzzle Room: Quest for Conviction. The Puzzle Room will give groups one hour to search a simulation of the Museum’s Archives, solving puzzles, finding clues and creating a display of evidence to achieve conviction.

Opening on Saturday, July 15th, visitors will go on a quest unique only to the Museum and its Collections to convict local 1910s dentist Arthur Waite for the famous Peck Murders in Grand Rapids. Inside the Puzzle Room, there are multiple challenges that take teamwork, communication and investigative skills to uncover, unlock and find the right pieces of evidence to convict the murderer before time runs out.

“The murders may have never been solved, if it were not for a mysterious telegram that was sent to the Peck Family from New York, as Arthur and Clara transported John Peck’s body back to Grand Rapids,” said Alex Forist, GRPM Chief Curator. “The Puzzle Room is an exciting opportunity for the Museum to use historical stories and artifacts to create a unique opportunity for visitors to challenge themselves and have fun!”

The deaths of John and Hannah Peck in 1916 made national headlines for Grand Rapids, as well as the trial and conviction of Waite. Local author Tobin T. Buhk published Poisoning The Pecks of Grand Rapids: The Scandalous 1916 Murder Plot, tracing the family from the marriage of Arthur Waite to Clara Peck at Fountain Street Church in 1915 to the trials and conviction of the Peck murders.

The Puzzle Room can accommodate up to groups of 10 for each entry.

“The Museum has a unique opportunity to utilize real artifacts and history to create this unique puzzle room experience, and giving the community another look into some of the Collections,” said Kate Moore, VP of Marketing and PR at the Grand Rapids Public Museum. “The Puzzle Room allows visitors the chance for a full sensory experience, all while solving puzzles, having fun and building on teamwork within their group.”

Admission to the Puzzle Room will be $10 for members and $15 for general public.

Puzzle Room experience is recommended for ages 12 and up, and for 3 or more participants. Puzzle Room experiences are available both during open hours of the Museum, as well as after hours. Visit to sign up your group today!

The Puzzle Room is sponsored by Secure Alarm.