Kiteboarding Lessons Underway in West Michigan

Are you a beach lover and water sports enthusiast that wishes they could spend most the day on the water, but don’t have a boat? If so, kiteboarding might be an activity to research.

Kiteboarding is a sport that harnesses the power of the wind using a large kite attached to a control bar. Strap a board to your feet and you’re out there cruising across the water being the envy of everyone watching up on the beach – add a little practice and you could be jumping up to 35 feet!

How does one get into this sport, you may ask? MACkite on Hayes Street in Grand Haven has been kiteboarding for 20 years. With a shop full of gear and kiteboarding experts as well as a lesson center located on the beach in Muskegon, there is no better place or time to get started kiteboarding than now. Their lesson center is fully outfitted every year with the latest and greatest kite gear out there for learning. This includes radio helmets that allow you to communicate with your instructor while on the water.

Lessons are two days and held Thursday and Friday from noon to 4pm and Saturday and Sundays from 9am to 1pm. Weekend camps are $499 and Thursday/Friday camps are $449.

Lessons are limited to three students per instructor and include a classroom portion as well as a hands-on setup and kite flying portion. By the end of the lesson, you should feel comfortable and safe enough to continue to progress on your own. Call 800-622-4655 to book your lesson today!