Waldo Wright’s Flying Service Opens for the Season on May 26th

Waldo Wright’s Flying Service, the nation’s largest open cockpit biplane company, is pleased to announce they will open for their fourth consecutive year of flight operations at the Air Zoo on Friday, May 26th, 2017 at 11am.

As in year’s past, Waldo will offer two unique biplane experiences. The New Standard D-25 is a group ride, and the Stearman allows an individual to take the controls and fly the plane! 

Carrying up to 4 passengers in a large front open cockpit, the 1929 New Standard D-25 was instrumental in introducing hundreds of thousands of people to their first airplane ride, back when aviation was in its infancy. We supply the helmets and goggles, you get to have all the fun! Maneuvers include lazy-eights, steep and shallow 360 degree turns, and maybe even a few “whoopty-dos.” Flights in the New Standard D-25 last 15-18 minutes, and take guests on a ride where they can experience the sensations of flight in the open cockpit. See, smell, feel, and hear the experience for yourself from our front cockpit! A minimum of two guests must be in the aircraft for it to leave the ground, and a maximum of 4 guests can be accommodated on each flight. There are currently only 8 of these aircraft flying worldwide!

Our 1942 Boeing Stearman is what our heroes used for their flight training in WWII. Waldo will take the guest through the first 6-8 missions as established by the instructors who taught cadets to fly in these amazing aircraft in this 30 minute flight experience. How do we know? Our flight program was developed by Lon Cooper, a flight instructor with the Lodwick School of Aeronautics in Lakeland, FL, from 1941-1945. With dual controls and a modern intercom system, the guest will have no problem entering basic training in this beautifully restored plane.

Flights are operated daily (weather permitting) and launch from the East Campus of the Air Zoo, 3101 E. Milham Rd, Portage, MI 49002. Additional information can be found by visiting or by calling 863.873.1339. Walkups are welcome, however reservations are recommended. Flights resume until September 30, 2107.