Pat McGee in Spring Lake

Pat McGee was the second show when Seven Steps Up started their concert series six years ago. Since then he’s performed in Spring Lake many times including the 100th show celebration.

Pat has performed for USO in Greenland and more recently in The Middle East and Africa with Navy Entertainment. This allowed McGee and his band the opportunity to land on The USS Eisenhower to play for 5000 brave men and women serving on the Arabian Sea–an experience that was a highlight of his career.

“We have a saying around here that everything that is Seven Steps Up is two degrees of separation from Pat McGee. Pat was our second ever Pin Drop Concert and he has introduced us to many of his artist friends – and many have played here. He has introduced us to some of the most amazing music experiences of our lives. Another great thing about Pat is that he’s a ‘foodie’ just like me,” said co-owner Michelle Hanks.  “We’ve traded recipes and dinner photos for years.”

WHERE: Seven Steps Up Live Music & Event Venue, 116 S. Jackson, Spring Lake, MI.

WHEN: SATURDAY July 28, 8:00pm

COST: $30 Reserved Seats.  $40 Reserved Table Seats.