Local Board Sports Shop Picks Up Evolve Electric Skateboards

Electric Bike Place (powered by MACkite) has picked up their latest new electric toy: Evolve skateboards. They are the only retail location in Michigan for Evolve.

Evolve is one of the major electric skateboards in the industry. They feature classic longboard-styled skateboards, such as the Evolve ONE, and even all-terrain models that work for both pavement and off-road. Evolve Skateboards can travel anywhere between 9 – 21 miles and have a top speed between 22 – 25 miles per hour.

The different skateboard models in Evolve’s line all operate with a controller that can fit in the palm of your hand. Riders can change their riding style using different speed modes: SLOW, ECO, FAST, & GT. Acceleration from the motor is controlled by the wireless remote, but riders can also kickpush the board. A soft brake is applied on the remote by pushing the trigger forward.

Evolve has three major model types: Bamboo ONE, Bamboo GT, and Carbon GT. The Bamboo ONE is a single motor that is budget-friendly while still offering a great ride. The Bamboo and Carbon GT series are similar in style; however, the Carbon GT has a faster top speed (22 – 26 mph compared to 22 mph) and a longer range (18.5 miles over 12 miles).

Electric Bike Place (powered by MACkite) will offer visitors the chance to test the Evolve skateboards as well as the others in their line-up: Onewheel, Yuneec, and Inboard.

About Electric Bike Place:​ Electric Bike Place is an ebike company based in Grand Haven, Michigan, and is an authorized dealer for Pedego, Haibike, Stromer, ProdecoTech, and iZip electric bikes. Electric Bike Place focuses on ebike education, sales, service, and rentals. Electric Bike Place is powered by MACkite, a kiteboarding, snowboard, ski, stand up paddleboard (SUP), and ebike retail store that has been is business for over 30 years. MACkite was voted as 2016’s Kiteboarding Retailer of the Year by the Association of Wind & Water Sports Industries.