Dablon Vineyards Tasting Room Celebrates Two Years

Dablon Vineyards – Winery & Tasting Room in Baroda celebrates the two year anniversary of their tasting room this month. They have received recognition throughout southwest Michigan, as a place where world class wines can be made, enjoyed, and purchased.

“I am so proud of the Dablon team; the vineyard workers who grow exceptional grapes under the guidance of our winemakers who turn them into fine wine, our tasting room staff who provide a sophisticated, adult atmosphere for our guests, and our sales and management team who are all an indispensable part of what makes Dablon so special,” said Bill Schopf, owner of Dablon Vineyards.  

The space is a great place to enjoy wines, a conversation with friends, and purchase wines for your personal cellar. Together, the Dablon team and their customers are taking important steps in changing and elevating the reputation of southwest Michigan wines and wineries.

Dablon Vineyards is located at 111 W Shawnee Rd in Baroda, Michigan.