The Holland Area Arts Council Invites the Community to an Exciting Public Art Contest

The Holland Area Arts Council invites the public to participate in the newest public art initiative in a very exciting way with a People’s Choice contest.

In Holland, 60 avenue banners will focus on a detail of Holland – natural, architectural, or iconic. Thirty-six local artists’ works were chosen to create a total of sixty banners. The artists used a variety of media from oil, watercolor and acrylic paint to pencil, collage and photography. The colorful artworks will grace Holland’s downtown from June 1st until November this year and return each year for the next five years.

A critical opportunity and challenge for any project is the funding and support. With this community banner project, the council is extending this opportunity to a broader audience.

Each banner can be sponsored by the public at various levels starting at just $15. An on-line Gallery of banners serves as a funding platform allowing the public to select their favorite banners and increase the artists’ chances of winning win one of two valuable prizes. The First prize will go to the artists whose banner receives the largest financial support. The second prize will go to the artist whose banner receives the largest number of sponsorships.

The purpose of sponsorship extends beyond paying for materials. It is to compensate the artists for their work, pay for manufacturing of the banners and to support the mission of the Holland Area Arts Council.

Please visit the on-line gallery to choose the banners you would like to support. The process is easy and fun. Donations can be taken by phone, (616-396-3278) or donations can be mailed in. Just be sure to note the banner(s) you wish to support. All supporters will be recognized on the Arts Council web site.

The public is invited to attend the “Big Reveal” party which will be held at the Holland Area Arts Council on Thursday, June 1st from 6pm to 8pm. This event will honor the artists and project sponsors. Winners of the “Beauty’s in the Detail” People’s Choice contest will be announced that evening.

The Holland Area Arts Council is located at 150 East 8th Street in downtown Holland. Questions? Call 616-396-3278 or email

For 50 years, the Holland Area Arts Council has been proud to be the arbiter of creative initiatives on the Lakeshore. They know you have enjoyed the clever, artful public art projects that have graced Downtown Holland over the past 25 years.

The Remastered and Recycled avenue banner projects have been a great success, delighting visitors and residents alike and furthering the important relationship between business and the Arts.

Thank you to the sponsors who have, so far, committed to making “Holland–the Beauty’s in the Detail” a reality: Media Sponsor: The Holland Sentinel; Ensign Sponsors: Haworth and Rich & Marcia Lievense; Premier Sponsors: Jim & Donna Brooks, Cunningham Dalman PC, GDK Construction, the City of Holland, Inontime, New Holland Brewing Company, Padnos, and the Woman’s Literary Club of Holland.

The Holland Area Arts Council is located at 150 East 8th Street. Call (616) 396-3278, email or visit or for more information.