Michigan Wine Month Encourages Visitors to Michigan Wineries

Michigan is prepared to take front and center on the wine world’s stage. The momentum that the industry is experiencing is on a trajectory for incredible success. No wonder Wine Enthusiast magazine recently listed Michigan in an article Wine Regions on the Rise. It is worth noting that Michigan is the only U.S. state on their international list of only six regions!

There are now 127 wineries statewide using predominantly Michigan fruit, and that number grows quarterly. The state has long been known as an agricultural paradise, producing more than 300 commercial commodities, and is the nation’s highest producer of tart cherries, pickling cucumbers, and many dry beans.

The breezes from Lake Michigan and glacial soils create unique growing conditions well suited for sought-after wine grapes such as Riesling, Pinot Noir, Pinot Blanc, and Cabernet Franc. Michigan resides on the 45th parallel, a distinction it shares with other notable wine-growing regions including Washington state, France, and Italy.

The ability to grow beautiful wine grapes accounts for half of the state’s success story. The other half can be attributed to the winemakers. There are many well-respected, veteran winemakers in the state that have been at their trade for decades and new, talented winemakers joining them each year. The result is an increase in the number of awards that Michigan wineries are winning at national and international competitions.

Wine trail events regularly expect to sell out across the state, including the Michigan Wines Showcase in Detroit at The RattleSnake Club on May 1. This showcase kicks off a season of wine tourism that expects more than 2 million visitors statewide annually.

Here is a sampling of upcoming wine trail events:

  • Traverse City Uncorked – All month long! Traverse City (
  • Art Along the Trail: May 6 & 7 – Southeast Michigan Pioneer Wine Trail (
  • Spring Sip & Savor: May 6 & 7 – Leelanau Peninsula Wine Trail (
  • Blossom Day: May 13 – Wineries of Old Mission Peninsula (
  • Bay View Wine Trail Celebrates Mom: May 13 & 14 – Bay View Wine Trail (
  • Lake Michigan Shore Wine Festival – Lake Michigan Shore Wine Trail (

Michigan Wine Month is a great time to plan a Michigan wine getaway. Winery events, touring and industry information is located at