Chocolates by Grimaldi’s Creative Chocolate Making Experience, A Gift Your Loved One’s Will ♥

Chocolates by Grimaldi, a Grand Haven-based chocolate factory, is giving you the perfect chance to create an experience keepsake that will bring happiness to your parents and grandparents for years to come on Mother’s Day and Father’s Day. They are now offering a Creative Chocolate Making Class.

The 90-minute chocolate creation experience allows participants to learn about chocolate while visiting with their family and loved ones. Students will be able to create, design, and make their own unique and special chocolate bar creation.

“Some of our best memories are made in the kitchen with our families,” said Molli Laham, Co-Owner and Operator of Chocolates by Grimaldi in Grand Haven. “Instead of giving them material gifts why not visit our kitchen and give those nearest and dearest to you an experience that they can reminisce about and cherish for years to come.”

For only $35.00 per person Chocolates by Grimaldi will provide you and your loved one(s) with all of the supplies and ingredients needed to paint, flavor, and decorate your own unique chocolate creations. Chocolates by Grimaldi can accommodate up to 18 participants per class, and private classes are available for groups of 12 or more.

Creative Chocolate Classes are scheduled for the first part of May on the 4 and Mother’s Day Weekend on the 12th and 13th as well the 24th. Additional classes are also scheduled for Father’s Day Weekend on June 17th, as well as the 22nd and 30th. Call 616-935-7740 to join one of these classes and reserve your space today!

You may visit Chocolates by Grimaldi’s Web site at: or find them on Facebook under CHOCOLATES by GRIMALDI.