Black Star Farms Announce New Spring Release Wines

As signs of spring are popping up, Black Star Farms announces several new release wines for spring. On the farm, they always think of spring when they talk about new releases, as the wines are fresh and bright and ready for a new spring palate!

Pinot Noir continues to be their most prominent red variety, and one that they look forward to creating a dry rose from with each vintage. The 2016 Pinot Noir Rose’ has just released in their tasting rooms and expresses a youthful bounty of fresh fruit and vibrancy.

The Black Star Farms Red House Rose’ is another rose released for spring. Fun-filled and light bodied, this rose has delicate strawberry notes on the nose and palate. Stainless steel fermentation and aging keep it crisp. It’s the perfect summer wine.

The recently released 2015 Pinot Gris truly expresses terroir and is complex yet refreshing, with melon, delicate floral notes and subtle minerality. The richness and full body in this wine is exceptional.

Delighted, a sweeter sparkling wine created to be easy on the palate and enjoyable for many has also just released. Made from Frontenac Gris, this wine showcases the fruity nature of this grape varietal while maintaining a freshness that is just right for a bubbly.

There are some new release spirits from their distillation program on Old Mission Peninsula. The Spirit of Honey and Red Grappa are now back in stock, after being sold out for more than a year. These are two of their extremely limited release brandies and are favorites for the “craft crowd”!