Tulip Time Expands the Dutch Cultural Experience Through Music

Tulip Time Festival is pleased to announce a new Dutch cultural experience during the festival.

Organist Rhonda Sider Edgington is a creative and eclectic musician, with a diverse repertoire and wide range of musical interests. Often commended for her innovative programming, imaginative use of registrations, and exciting playing, Rhonda feels equally at home playing small mechanical-action instruments as well as large Romantic or modern organs.

Having spent seven years working and studying in Bremen, Germany, Rhonda has acquired an extensive repertoire, from Sweelinck and the music of 17th-century Northern Germany, through music of 19th– and 20th-century France, to the music of today.

Rhonda is the organist at Hope Church in Holland and last year during Tulip Time she marveled at the crowds of people walking by the church on their way to the festival’s Arts & Craft Fair held the first weekend. She felt it would be a great opportunity to host something at Hope Church allowing people to visit this beautiful, historic place. Further discussions lead to the idea of hosting an organ concert featuring the music of Dutch composers, which she presented to Tulip Time.

The Dutch Organ Concert – From Sweelinck to Sesame Street, which will be held on Sunday, May 7th at 7pm, at Hope Church, will expose the audience to an entertaining musical journey through the Romantic period to modern day. During the performance, Rhonda enjoys sharing a bit of history, commentary on the musical selections as well as the composers. “I hope it expands the audience’s horizons and sets aside some preconceptions that organ music is just hymnal,” Rhonda states when asked what she hopes is the take-away from this concert. She continues, “I hope people walk away feeling as I do – that the organ is a really exciting instrument!”

Tickets for this show, and all other festival events, can be purchased online at, via phone at 616.396.4221 or visit the Tulip Time box office at 74 W. 8th Street.

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