March Events at the Historic Keeper’s House

The Michigan Maritime Museum is opening the historic Keeper’s House to the public for a few days this month with some great events. “By hosting events at the Keeper’s House it provides the Museum with the exciting opportunity to share this historic home with the public,” says Collections & Office Manager, Emily Stap.  

The Duplicate Book & Art Sale held Friday, March 17th from 10am-4pm and Saturday, March 18th from 12pm-4pm will allow visitors to peruse book titles from a variety of maritime topics, purchase copies of historic photographs used in past exhibits from the Museum’s collection, or take home maritime themed artwork. All proceeds from the sale will go towards maintaining the Museum’s Marialyce Canonie Great Lakes Research Library, archives, and artifact collections.

In addition to the book sale, the Museum’s 2017 Lecture Series will begin with presenter Dr. Michael Nassaney on March 18th at 11am. Dr. Nassaney will be lecturing on the role of watercraft and waterways in the North American fur trade. Watercraft and waterways were essential for the North American fur trade, a transcontinental system of exchange that involved dozens of trading companies, scores of native groups, hundreds of settlements, thousands of traders, and millions of trade goods over four centuries, and nearly 10 million square miles. Archaeology provides a unique vantage point to examine this global process.

Dr. Nassaney is a Professor of Anthropology at Western Michigan University and the principal investigator of the Fort St. Joseph Archaeological Project, an interdisciplinary program in community service learning that focuses on the 18th-century site of Fort St. Joseph in Niles, Michigan. His recent book, The Archaeology of the North American Fur Trade, will be available for purchase and book signing at the event.

Admission to the lecture is $8 for adults and $7 for seniors.  There is no admission fee for Museum members.

“The Museum is lucky to be the custodian for such an iconic historical structure here in South Haven. We are thrilled that we can bring it back to life with maritime heritage events and education that are true to its roots,” says Ashley Deming, Director of Education & Administration.

The Keeper’s House is located at 91 Michigan Ave, South Haven, MI. For more information on these events visit or call 269-637-8078 ext. 3.

The Michigan Maritime Museum is dedicated to the preservation of Michigan Great Lakes waterways, maritime history, and culture. Located in South Haven, the Museum is a 501(c)(3) organization. For more information call (269) 637-8078 or visit