Become Summer Crew for Friends Good Will!

To how many of these questions can you answer, “Yes!”?

  • Do you enjoy being on the water?
  • Do you enjoy meeting new people?
  • Do you enjoy learning new things?
  • Do you enjoy testing your mettle a bit?
  • Have you ever felt the allure of the sails of old; the romance of the sea?
  • Would you like to crew on a tallship?

Did you know you could do all these things here in West Michigan?  

The Michigan Maritime Museum is offering Basic Seamanship Training classes aboard their replica tallship Friends Good Will, beginning on March 25, 2017.

Basic Seamanship Sail Training Program is open to all (14 year old minimum) regardless of experience.  You’ll find that Friends Good Will draws crew from all over West Michigan, Northern Indiana, Illinois, and parts of Wisconsin as well as all walks of life.

Sailing a traditionally rigged vessel is hugely rewarding.  As Ship’s Company crew, we help to teach everyone from grade schoolers to lifelong maritime buffs about maritime history, science, team building, and appreciation for our Great Lakes.  As Friends Good Will takes Museum visitors out on sails, an extraordinary world is opened up to them.   And, because we teach, we also learn, and grow; a truly rewarding experience.  

Basic Seamanship is taught in four parts, with Part I held on Saturday, March 25th from 9am-noon.   Parts II-IV will be held April 22nd and May 6th. Upon completion of Basic Seamanship Training, you will become an official crewmember and can volunteer for as many sails as you like throughout the sailing season. You must become a Museum member to crew Friends Good Will.  The course is free to Museum members. On our vessels, we’re more than just a boat ride.  Join our crew and make history come alive!

To register and for more information, call 269-637-8078 ext. 3, or email

The Michigan Maritime Museum is dedicated to the preservation of Michigan Great Lakes waterways, maritime history, and culture. Located in South Haven, the Museum is a 501(c)(3) organization. For more information call (269) 637-8078 or visit