History Meets Hollywood at the Michigan Maritime Museum: The Finest Hours Matinee Showing

Let’s go to the movies! Come spend the afternoon at the Michigan Maritime Museum on Saturday November 19th for a matinee showing of the 2016 Disney film The Finest Hours from 1pm to 3pm. The Museum is the current home of the USCG 36460 motor lifeboat, which was used to represent the USCG 36500 in The Finest Hours. Not only can visitors watch this action-packed film based on a true story about the greatest Coast Guard rescue in history, but they can also explore the Museum’s Finest Hours exhibit and see how the film was made. This exhibit also includes an interactive component. Visitors of all ages can experience stormy seas, stand at the helm, and attempt to steer a replica of the USCG motor lifeboat 36460.

There are limited folding chairs available so guests are encouraged to make themselves comfortable and bring their own extra cushions for floor seating or their own beach/camping chairs. The Finest Hours is rated PG-13. This matinee is a family friendly event.

 Admission is only $5. Complimentary popcorn will be provided, but additional donations are appreciated. Admission is free to Museum members.

The Michigan Maritime Museum is dedicated to the preservation of Michigan Great Lakes waterways, maritime history, and culture. Located at the drawbridge in South Haven, the museum is a 501 (C3) organization and donations are tax deductible. For more information call 1-800-747-3810 or visit