Frederic & Ronza Saturday Concert at the Box Factory for the Arts

Frederic and Ronza will perform songs from their debut EP, “Light It Up” at a concert called ‘Music that Moves’ at the Box Factory for the Arts on October 22, 2016 at 7:30pm. The husband and wife duo boast a soulful sound that ranges from R&B to country music, and they perform both covers and originals. Their original songs showcase their superb, polished songwriting and arranging skills.

When asked about the songs on their new EP, Frederic and Ronza said, “This world is filled with pain, disappointments, sadness, and unrealized dreams; our music brings these issues to light and offers a message of strength and hope.”

As one fan put it, “the songs are uplifting and inspirational without being condescending.” Frederic and Ronza’s strong vocals, tight harmonies and soulful sound have been described as “breathtaking.” The themes on the EP are relatable and relevant to people of all ages. The title track, “Light It Up” encourages people to pursue their dreams regardless of skeptics. The song “Anyway” is an emotional song that deals with love for one another even when there are obstacles such as differences in culture and race. Hometowns are the focus of the song “Some Things Never Change”. On the subject of hometowns and the “Light It Up” EP, the bandmates said, “Hometowns are special places with many memories and we can learn a lot from remembering our roots. Fans have been waiting for this release and it’s sure to connect with new fans as well.” So, come to the Box Factory for the Arts to hear ‘Music that Moves’ on October 22nd at 7:30pm.

The EP, “Light It Up,” will be available digitally on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify starting October 15, 2016.

In 2013 Frederic and Ronza were finalists in the Acorn Theater Singer-Songwriter contest. They perform at local venues, private parties, weddings, shows, corporate events, and concerts. For interviews contact Keith & Leslie Bean: 269-849-9527.