Darkness Tours at the Felt Estate Expand to Include the Dark Forest

The moon may be the only light to guide you if you visit the Felt Estate in late October. Once again, the Felt Estate features our annual Darkness Tours. Go through the Felt Mansion, the Carriage House, and now the Dark Forest in the dark at a Michigan historic site that has made “Michigan’s Most Haunted Places” list for the past 10 years.

Visitors should know this is not a “haunted house” tour. There won’t be actors in monster garb or tissue paper ghosts hanging from the ceiling. We simply allow you to explore the Mansion, the Carriage House and the Dark Forest at night, on your own, in the dark.

Darkness Tours will happen the last two weekends in October Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays and Halloween: October 20th to 23rd and October 27th to 31st from 8pm to 11pm (Doors close promptly at 11:30pm). Visitors should purchase a wristband at the Mansion before venturing down to the Carriage House and Dark Forest trail.

The Dark Forest trail is a 1500′ path that leads through the most haunted area of the estate – the place of urban legend. We do not know what roams these woods at night. We leave it to you to find out.

Note: This tour is not suitable for young children or anyone at risk of falling. Visitors take a self-guided tour through the Felt Mansion, the Carriage House and the Dark Forest in near blackness in order to have an opportunity for their own paranormal experience. We recommend guests bring a small pen-light flashlight if needed.

Cost: $30 per person. No group discounts.

No seances or Ouija Board activities allowed during tour times. Groups may rent the mansion for private parties. Normal rental rates apply. For rental information, call 616.335.3050.

If your group would like a private tour during the last two weeks of October, email Private tours are $20 per person for groups of 15 or more people. For small groups of 14 people or fewer, a flat rate of $200.00 for a 1.5 hour tour is available. These private tours must be Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday evenings during the last two weeks of October (excluding October 31).