Stormcloud Brewing Company Named Michigan’s Best New Brewery by MLive

Stormcloud Brewing Company has been named to the top spot in MLive Media Group’s search for Michigan’s Best New Brewery. The #1 ranking follows a public poll on MLive’s website asking readers to vote for their favorite local brewery in five separate regions of Michigan.

MLive received over 100 nominations for Michigan’s Best New Brewery with over 30,000 votes cast during public polling. According to polling rules, breweries nominated by readers had to have opened their doors on or after January 1, 2012.

Following the poll, MLive visited the top 30 breweries that received the most public votes to select the winning brewery based primarily on quality of beer. John Gonzalez and Amy Sherman, hosts of MLive’s Michigan’s Best series and Behind the Mitten broadcast, traveled over 2,500 miles throughout the state and sampled over 300 beers during their search.

According to MLive’s John Gonzalez, “On this search we were looking for new breweries that are making exceptional beer. Period.”

“The most important thing behind each of these new breweries is the quality of their liquid,” says MLive’s Amy Sherman, who also hosts the Great American Brew Trail. “With good beer, the Michigan craft beer scene will continue to rise and grow.”

Following their search, MLive released its list of the Top Ten New Breweries in Michigan. John and Amy selected Stormcloud Brewing Company as the top brewery based on the quality of the Frankfort brewery’s handcrafted, Belgian inspired ales.

According to Amy Sherman, “Each and every beer we sampled was just about perfect. Add to this the great sense of community that Stormcloud has created in Frankfort, and you have a winner.”

“We’re making every effort to brew world class examples of traditional Belgian ales,” says Stormcloud’s Head Brewer and Co-Owner Brian Confer. “Collectively, the Trappist abbeys of Belgium have about 12,000 years of brewing experience. We’ve been brewing beer here at Stormcloud for a little more than three years so we have a little catching up to do.”

“We are both ecstatic and humbled to be named Michigan’s Best New Brewery,” says Stormcloud’s Co-Owner Rick Schmitt. “Breweries in our state are making incredible beer right now and to be publicly recognized with the nine other breweries on MLive’s top ten list is a true honor for all of us at Stormcloud.”