Demonstrations by Talented Artisans at Ledge Craft Lane

Join Ledge Craft Lane to discover the talents of Artisans at work. On Saturday, September 3rd, they will be featuring select demonstrations of their talented artisans. The event will take place from noon to 4pm. See live demos and/or explanations. See how the artists create their crafts and the time it involves to create each unique item for you. For more information, call (517) 627-9843 Wednesday through Friday from 10am to 5pm.

Artists include Larry Bourland creating his custom name puzzles. He will be using a band-saw and sander among other tools to fashion your name into a puzzle. Virginia Aves will be creating crocheted rugs using recycled plastic bags. Tam Wolfe will utilize stoneware clay to demonstrate techniques for making pottery.

Please come join Ledge Craft Lane and enjoy the demos, refreshments and the opportunity to ask questions. You can also shop for gifts or items just for yourself from among our numerous artists.