Hudsonville Ice Cream Celebrates Michigan’s WInter Wonderland With New Seasonal Releases

Summer isn’t the only time to enjoy Michigan-based Hudsonville Ice Cream. Try the latest winter Limited Edition flavors, which warm your heart and soul on chilly, snowy days and nights.

  • Pure Michigan Winter Campfire — Original vanilla ice cream with marshmallow, graham cracker pieces and milk chocolate flakes creates the perfect frozen version of your favorite campfire treat. Curl up with a bowl and watch the snow and cold melt away. Just be sure to enjoy it before it melts! Winner of the 2014 Pure Michigan Winter Flavor Contest (beating out Cabin Fever and Lake Superior Thaw and joining Double Berry Pie and Caramel Apple as other award-winning flavors).
  • Peppermint Stick — A seasonal favorite reminiscent of the holidays, made by taking traditional candy cane pieces and mixing them into our Original Vanilla ice cream. Perfect on its own or in a creative recipe.
  • Chicago Caramel Popcorn — Inspired by Chicago’s delicious kettle popped goodness, this flavor is sure to become a Midwest favorite. You will love the big city taste of this buttery caramel ice cream and crunchy clusters swirled with a salty caramel ribbon.
  • Pumpkin Pie — A limited amount of this seasonal favorite may also be available, perfect for pairing with your upcoming holiday meal or celebration. Served alone or as the a la mode to your favorite pie, this flavor returns to the freezer case just in time for holiday celebrations. With its traditional pumpkin pie flavors and now with actual pieces of pie crust, it makes a wonderful compliment to your dessert table.

“This season’s winter Limited Edition combines old time favorites like Peppermint stick, a top holiday seller, with our new Pure Michigan-inspired Winter Campfire,” says CJ Ellens of Hudsonville Ice Cream. “We are excited to bring new innovation to our winter lineup!”

These, and countless other Hudsonville Ice Cream flavors can be found in grocery stores and ice cream parlors in Michigan, Indiana, Ohio and Illinois. In addition to its “All Season” flavors, which are available year round, several “Seasonal Flavors” are offered on a limited basis throughout the year.

Started in 1895 as a farmers’ cooperative, the Holland-based Hudsonville Creamery & Ice Cream is the largest manufacturer of branded ice cream in Michigan. For more than 80 years, this Midwest company has been producing its creamy, delicious ice cream – using many of its original flavors, while at the same time creating refreshing new recipes inspired by the Great Lakes.