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West Michigan Fall Color Weekly Update

Benzie County
The leaf watchers of the Michigan Audubon Society are keeping a keen eye out for fall colors, reporting their findings to us each Wednesday. Keep checking in for the progress.
If you have a great fall color photo, e-mail it to courtney@wmta.org, and we'll feature you on WMTA's West Michigan Weekly blog.



Fall Colors 2013

Beaver Island Updated 10/24/13
We are just about at peak. (Update courtesy of Beaver Island

Cadillac Updated 10/14/13 
Cadillac's peak Color Tour season is generally the 2nd and 3rd weeks of October. Cadillac is right on schedule to peak this week and possibly the next. Weather conditions have been favorable thus far and the Cadillac area is experiencing between 65-75 percent color at this time. (Update courtesy of Cadillac, Michigan)

Emmet County Updated 10/14/13
We are probably at 50-60 percent peak right now in Northwest Michigan; it’s changing fast. Shoreline areas are peaking (they turn on their autumn brilliance a little later than inland areas). The color has not disappointed this season! (Update courtesy of Emmet County)

Gaylord (Updated 10/24/13)
We are past peak and trees are mostly bare.  Gaylord had 4 inches of snow last night! (Update courtesy of Gaylord, MI)

Grand Haven Updated 10/24/13
We had some snow this morning and flurries throughout today but the colors are peaking in the Grand Haven area. Leaves are starting to fall but there is still lots of color to be seen. Lots of bright reds and oranges!  (Update courtsey of Grand Haven Area CVB)

Indian River Updated 10/24/13
The leaves are falling due to rain and winds, but color is still beautiful here in Indian River. The last of the trees are changing and the chill in the air says that winter is on its way! (Update courtesy of Indian River Chamber of Commerce)

Irons Area Updated 10/14/13
The Irons Area is starting to peak this week. I would say that roughly 65% of the trees have changed. (Update courtesy of Irons Area Tourist Association)

Kalamazoo Updated 10/28/13
There are still a large amount of leaves on the trees, but the fall color peaked last weekend. (Update courtesy of Discover Kalamazoo

Lansing Updated 10/24/13
Still have leaves on the trees here. Still looks pretty! (Update courtesy of Greater Lansing CVB)

Lowell Updated 10/24/13
Our colors are about at peak...don't know how they will be in a week. With the snow we could lose our leaves very quickly! (Update courtesy of Lowell Area Chamber of Commerce)

Muskegon Updated 10/16/13
The fall colors in Muskegon County are ready to be at their peak! They are about 50% right now.
Frost is expected in the next week or so that will change the quickly! (Update courtesy of Muskegon County CVB)

Petosky Area Updated 10/24/13
Still a little color here and there, but wind and rain have knocked a lot of the leaves off the trees. (Update courtesy of Petoskey Area Visitors Bueau)

Saugatuck-Douglas Area Updated 10/14/13
We are approaching peak in the next week or so.  It had been predicted that the peak would be the week of October 15th.  We are at about 50-75 % color change with more in some areas and less in other parts of the 2 towns.   The colors range with gold/yellow and red on maples and crimson on the tips of the Oaks. (Update courtesy of Saugatuck-Douglas CVB)

White Lake Area Updated 10/28/2013
White Lake Area fall color is fully peaked, with about a full week left. (Update courtesy of White Lake Area Chamber of Commerce)


Thanks to the local Area Visitors Bureaus and the Michigan Audubon Society for the color reports.