West Michigan Tourist Association

Cross Country Skiing

Shanty Creek Resorts, Bellaire

The click of the bindings, the rhythmic swoosh of skis, and the crunch of groomed snow: cross country ski enthusiasts will attest that there's a magical quality to this snow sport that is both meditative and physical in nature. It's no wonder thousands choose to immerse themselves in West Michigan's great outdoors with a long pair of nordic skis strapped to their feet. Between resorts specializing a dazzling winter experience and beautifully scenic state and local parks, they don't  have to travel far to find a crystalline trail covered in Lake Effect Snow either.

Whether you're new to the sport or feel lost without a pair of poles in your hands, take to West Michigan's cross country trails this winter and enjoy the dual tranquility and rush that propels you forward.

Explore West Michigan Trails

Name Location Distance Groomed? Fee? Lights?
Region One          
Camp Pet-O-Se-Ga Alanson 1.8 mi      
Young State Park Boyne City 3.4 mi.   RP  
Driggers Memorial Preserve Boyne City 1.6 mi      
Avalanche Preserve Recreation Area Boyne City 2 to 4.2 mi      
Spring Brook Pathway Boyne Falls 1.5 to 5 mi      
Boyne Mountain Resort Boyne Falls 35 km Yes Yes  
Susan Creek Nature Preserve Charlevoix 1.5 to 2.7 mi      
Ransom Nature Preserve Charlevoix 1.2 mi      
Mt. McSauba Recreation Area Charlevoix 0.7 mi      
Headlands International Dark Sky Park Mackinaw City 4 mi      
Wilderness State Park: O'Neal Lake Trail Loop Mackinaw City 13 mi      
Wilderness State Park Mackinaw City 38 mi.   RP  
Boyne Highlands Resort Harbor Springs 35 km Yes Yes Yes
Birchwood Farms Harbor Springs 3.2 to 4.8 mi      
Nubs Nob Harbor Springs 20.8 km Yes Yes Yes
Goodhart Farms Nordic Ski Trails Harbor Springs 3 mi      
Wildwood Hills Pathway Indian River 9.3 mi.      
McCune Nature Preserve Petoskey 2.1 mi      
Petoskey State Park Petoskey 1.5 mi. Yes RP No
Region Two          
Shanty Creek Resorts Bellaire 30 km Yes Yes  
Sleeping Bear Dunes: Platte Plains Trail Empire 7.2 mi      
Pine Baron Pathway Gaylord 8.75 mi. Yes No  
Sleeping Bear Dunes: Valley View Trail Glen Arbor 3 mi      
Sleeping Bear Heritage Trail Glen Arbor 4.6 mi      
Hartwick Pines State Park Grayling 18 mi. Yes RP Yes*
Mason Tract Pathway Grayling 15.5 mi. No No No
Interlochen State Park Interlochen 0.6 mi.   RP  
Sleeping Bear Dunes: North Manitou Island Leland 32 mi      
Sleeping Bear Dunes: South Manitou Island Leland 17 mi      
Leelanau State Park Northport 8.5 mi. No RP No
Crystal Mountain Resort & Spa Thompsonville 40 km Yes Yes Yes
Old Mission Point Park Traverse City 5 mi      

Muncie Lake Pathway

Traverse City 1.5 mi. Yes No No
Sand Lakes Quiet Area Trails Williamsburg 8 mi. No    
Region Three          
Pine Valley Pathway Baldwin 4.1 to 6.4 mi Yes    
Cadillac Pathway Cadillac 18 km Yes No No
MacKenzie Cross-Country Ski Trail Cadillac 15 km   No  
Manistee River Trail Cadillac 11 to 23 mi      
McGuire's Resort Cadillac 13 km Yes Yes  
Mitchell State Park Cadillac 2.5 mi. No RP No
Orchard Beach State Park Manistee 2.5 mi. No RP No
North Higgins Lake State Park Roscommon 11 mi. Yes RP No
South Higgins Lake State Park Roscommon 11 mi. No    
Tisdale Triangle Pathway Roscommon 16 km Yes Yes  
Region Four          
Ionia State Recreation Area Ionia 15 mi. No RP No
Bass River Recreational Area Lamont 6 mi.   RP  
Duck Lake State Park Muskegon 0.5 mi.   RP  
Hoffmaster State Park Muskegon 3 mi. No RP No
Muskegon Winter Sports Complex Muskegon 16 km Yes Yes + RP Yes
Pando Winter Sports Park Rockford 5 mi. Yes Yes No
Pigeon Creek County Park West Olive 10 mi. Yes No Yes
Region Five          
River Oaks Park Galesburg 4 mi. Yes    
Fort Custer Recreation Area Augusta 25 mi. No RP No
Yankee Springs Recreation Area Middleville 28.5 mi.   RP  
Saugatuck Dunes State Park Saugatuck 13 mi.      
Warren Dunes State Park Sawyer 11 mi.   RP  
Grand Mere State Park Stevensville 0.5 mi. No RP No
Pigeon River Country SF - Green Timbers Vanderbilt 2.25 to 7.6 mi      
Praire View Park Vicksburg 3 mi. Yes    
Region Six          
Aspen Park Gaylord 1.7 mi      
Buttles Road Pathway Lewiston 2 to 6 mi      
Warner Creek Pathway Gaylord 3.8 mi      
Wakeley Lake Grayling 3.9 mi      

RP = Recreation Passport | Find out more.                              *Only lit during special events